princetoncivics.org, a platform for civic engagement opportunities in the greater Princeton area, was started by Han Li, a junior at Princeton High School who is enthusiastic about civic engagement and local community activities, with the help of Mrs. Neena Patil and the New Jersey Youth Civics Coalition. Through this project, Han hopes to encourage more people, especially youth, to be involved and make Princeton a tighter-knit town.

A healthy, striving community is the paragon of success — even more so than personal success in any form. Moreover, there exist many forms of civic engagement that allow citizens to stay active within their community. Typically, civic engagement encompasses all public and group events that are held within the community or that benefit the community as a whole. Events such as fairs, or organizations such as the YMCA are all examples of civic engagement. Here in Princeton, there are a wide variety of activities that fit many different preferences. 


A successful community is one that is giving back and working together to solve its problems. We are thrilled to provide an integrated platform and publish a comprehensive list of available civic opportunities around the greater Princeton area. We obtain these opportunities through our intensive partnership with local organizations and public schools in central New Jersey.

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