Princeton hosts events to celebrate MLK Day

January 16, 2022 — On January 12th, the Town Topics published a list of events in the Princeton community to commemorate Martin Luther King Jr. Day and fuel the spirit of service during the National Day of Service. The complete list and article can be found here. Some of these events can be found on our home page.

Princeton Public Schools release details on upcoming PHS facilities referendum for vote on January 25th

January 16, 2022 — On January 25th, Princeton residents will vote whether to approve  $17.5 million worth of bonds for facility repairs across the district’s public schools. Details for Princeton High School can be found here.

Princeton permit parking task force presents recommendations

January 11, 2022 — The Permit Parking Task Force has been studying parking accommodations in various Princeton neighborhoods. On January 11th, they presented their revised recommendations to the Princeton Council in this session.


Princeton Council meeting regarding cannabis retail postponed

January 4, 2022 — The Princeton Council has postponed a public meeting for the discussion of possible cannabis retail in Princeton. No exact date has been set, but the meeting will probably be held in March, according to Councilwoman Eve Niedergang.


Debates over opening of cannabis dispensaries in Princeton

Following the state legalization of recreational cannabis use, Princeton has been considering opening cannabis stores in the town. A group known as the Cannabis Task Force (CTF) has been advising the Mayor and Council on the topic, and has issued recommendations for the regulation of possible dispensaries. Part of the recommendation requires a mere 200 feet of “buffer” distance between a dispensary and any school, playground or public housing area. This is in violation of U.S. Federal law, which requires at least 1,000 feet of buffer space. The school district and Board of Education have stated concerns with the recommendations. In addition, independently conducted surveys show notable public opposition to the opening of dispensaries, along with concern regarding the negative impacts of public dispensaries near schools — and the CTF’s apparently complete disregard for such effects. Some have pointed out that the CTF includes cannabis industry consultants and three of the six Princeton Council members, without sufficient regard given to the opinions of the public or schools. An online petition has been created to enforce higher buffer distance, in accordance with federal law.